More yum per crumb



So, some birdy overseas has brought me some nice little gifts today, from the foreign land called the Great Britain. ”Some are more yum per crumb”, some are very well worth reading and some are dying to be tested out.

While I was stuck in the sodding Netherlands with nothing but rain, Mrs L & A. where strutting around Newcastle. Enjoying the bright and perky city, buying me gifts.:)

They had a very nice two-days rowing, L. some quality time with her mum on the DFDS Princess Seawaysship to Newcastle.

Well do you want to find out what Santa’s little helpers brought me?

What are you waiting for, scroll down.


Enjoy ūüėČ












To start with, I present you the most finest biscuits of my collection.

”Fox’s Fabulously Biscuit selection”

More yum per crumb, a bitty heaven on earth.





Some supermarket/drugstore magazine’s to keep the eyes busy.

”Tesco & Boots drugstore magazine’s”







A little colour never hurt nobody. ”W7” mini power puffs, aka super cute and tiny beauty blenders, ¬†a¬†hand size ”Saffron” palette exploding with colour.



And while you do some cracking-snacking, you might give yourself some braintainment for the upcomming christmas days.


”Cadbury Dairy milk, Marvellous creations Jelly Popping Candy”¬†

”Superdrug magazine’s”

”Mini power puffs- beauty blenders”

”Saffron eyeshadow palette”






Ok√©, even if you find the Cadbury Marvellous cracking snacking time just wasn’t enough, you could also grab yourself a Wispa.

Because, what are you without a ”Wispa”? Covered with a cheeky caramel layer?!

Or imagine even worse, without a ”Wispa GOLD”?!

It is like magic…









Well if you had been in the U.K. you can’t come home empty handed and expect a nice cupper without having a proper brew.

So here’s that brew, let’s have a proper one.

While letting your tea brew for 4-5 minutes, you could also read Fenwick magazine full of fashion, beauty and luxuries.


”Taylors of Harrogate – Yorkshire tea”

”If you enjoy ¬†your tea made properly in a teapot, you’ll love the taste of Yorkshire tea.”

”Fenwick Newcastle Magazine”






After Teatime it is ……. ”make-me-even-more-beautifuller-than-I-look-time”

With this¬†”loose eyeshadow” by ”Laval” you will shine like a star(ry).







O dear, this almost looks like ”The Never ending” story and Christmas at once isn’t it?

Well,  we are nearly done.

The master piece of the show will be this adorable little book by ”Oscar Wilde”.

”A Collection of Wit and Wisdom”

Why exactly? 

Because Oscar Wilde is definitely my favorite writer, so this tiny fellow will fit perfectly between my other books of the G.R.E.A.T. masters.





Yup, if the colours didn’t blind your eyes yet, I would like to say that this ”100 colours palette” by ”Saffron” will make you.

And than you will look like a rainbow. 

The eyeshadow thingies are all very small, so that they could fit in one magnificent box.

Instant happiness!!







So… I didn’t lie did I?

We are now done……..


After tasting all these yummie gummies, I do not have a problem with that.


”Wagon wheels with epic jammie inside Hmmm” + 2 free!

”Maynard Bassetts Winegums”

”Rowntree’s Sweets – Fruit Pastilles ”











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