A frosty look for a frosty day!



Today’s look was a bitty frosty as you see. I wanted to do something with the colours blue and  popping Silver glitters, so I created this look.

Well the result ended up to be more than I had hoped for, so I was a very happy girl today.

Hope you like it 😉



Liefs mij.










I created this look with this following make-up:



To start I used the Hema ” chalky eyeshader” in the shade, how surprising blue! to colour the crease and the outer V of my eye. I blended this line all the way out.





From my Freedom jewels and riches collection Palette the colour ”Plenty” for the eye  crease.







From my mini palette by Etos, I used the colour blue ofcourse 🙂 for my middle and inner crease of the eye.




At last I used the Hema ”silver glitter Intense eye mousse” ontop of my eyelid.





Don’t forget the finishing touch, a little wing on the side with the Hema ”Soft Eyeliner”, some glittering’s in the inner corner of the eye and a subtle line underneath the eye.




img_1801  img_1795



img_1791    img_1789









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  1. lindseysiobhank schreef:

    Mooie kleuren. Inderdaad erg frosty!


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